Tye Dye Crayons

If you have kids, know kids, or are a kid at heart, here’s some terrific tie dye crayons you can make out of all of those broken crayon bits.


What you need
* Muffin pan
* Oven (heat to 275 Fahrenheit)
* Oven mitt
* Fridge

How to do it
* Remove any remaining paper label from the crayons
* Break them up if needed, and put them into the muffin tins
* Put them in to “bake” for about 10 minutes
* Remove and let cool for around 30 minutes, then place in fridge for 10 minutes
* Take out, flip over tin, and make some art with your new crayons!

Not into drawing with crayons? Make them into candles by adding a wick after they come out of the oven and have cooled slightly.

– UPcycling Phoenix

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