Toilet Paper Birdfeeder

Everyone needs to use toilet paper, but what to do with all of the waste? After you’ve done “natures business” get back to nature in another way with a toilet paper birdfeeder! Here’s two different ways to make one.

Without peanut butter


What you need
* Toilet paper rolls (you can also use paper towel tubes cut in half)
* Paper hole punch
* String
* Tape
* Paper plate
* Scissors
* Food for the birds (sunflower seeds are best)

How to do it
* Make 3 holes around the roll, equal distance apart, so it makes a triangle shape. Put the string through the holes.
* At the other end, cut two U shapes on either side. This will be where the food comes out for the birds to eat.
* Affix the tube to the plate with the tape.
* Tie to a tree and fill with food.

You might want to try painting the bird feeders. It’s not only pretty looking, but it can be a science or nature project. Do different birds like different colours or patterns more?

With peanut butter

What you need
* Toilet paper tube
* Birdseed
* Peanut butter
* String
* Paper hole punch

How to do it
* Cover the toilet paper tube in peanut butter
* Roll the toilet paper in birdseed
* Punch holes in the roll on either side
* Attach the string and hang it up

You might want to add a perch for the birds to sit on while they eat. This person used sticks.


– UPcycling Phoenix

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