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Peekaboo Sleeves

Peekaboo sleeves are a simple way to upcycle a shirt or sweater.

peekaboo sleeve, clothing reconstruction, upcycle

Clothing reconstruction can be cute!

What you need
– Top
– Scissors
– Needle and thread, or sewing machine
– Sewing pins
– Fabric or lace (or even a shoelace, depending on what look you like)

How to do it
– Cut a line from the top, and part way down the shoulder. Put on the top and see how it fits. If the material doesn’t open to create a large enough hole, cut it out in a slight V shape and try it on again.
– Hem the part you cut
– Create a tiny hole on either side of the shirt
– Place the material through and tie into a bow. Beautiful!

If you’re using random fabric to tie the sleeve, you might want to hem that as well. A good way to do this without showing any end bits is to flip the material inside out, sew (leaving a small hole at the start), flip right side out and sew up the rest. If this sounds confusing, check out the instructions on how to make a pillow.

Angel Wings Tshirt

Cute clothing reconstruction – Angel wings t shirt!

angel wings, t shirt, clothing reconstruction

What you need
– T shirt
– Fabric chalk
– Scissors
– (Optional) Image of wings to help you draw the design

How to do it
– Draw the outline of the wings using fabric chalk
– Cut some small holes into the t shirt, making sure not to let the holes go beyond the lines. Make the first holes around the edges, and move inwards. Smaller is better! You can always make the hole bigger, but you can’t make it smaller.

You can experiment with different styles of angel wings… or if that isn’t your style, you could try making a devil wing t shirt!

Bleach Design / T-shirt Art

Dropped some bleach onto your shirt? Don’t freak out – Make a big bleach design! This is super simple T-shirt art.

What you need
– Bleach and shirt
– Spray bottle
– Scissors or utility blade
– Thin construction paper (like from a cereal box)

How to do it
– Fill the spray bottle with bleach. If it’s a bottle that has been used for something else make sure to clean it well! This is very important because lots of cleaners use ammonia, which is toxic when mixed with bleach.
– Cut out the design or letters you want. Remember – where the cardboard is, the shirt will stay the same colour.
– Place a piece of cardboard inside the shirt, so the bleach won’t bleed through to the other side.
– Put your design down, and spray!

Keyhole Shirt

A keyhole shirt is easy to make, and it’s nice and breezy for the summer weather. In colder weather you can put a different coloured shirt underneath. Very versatile!

catladypress, keybole shirt

Made by Catladypress

What you need
– Shirt
– Fabric chalk
– Scissors
– Pins
– Iron (optional)
– Needle and Thread

How to do it

– Draw the oval or line with the fabric chalk. A line will create a slight oval once hemmed, and an oval will create a larger hole. If you’re making a teardrop shape below the collar, make sure its slightly lower than where you want it to be when done, since hemming it will make the hole go higher.

– Cut the hole in the fabric. Less is more! If it’s not big enough, you can cut more.

– Turn the shirt inside out, fold a hem (facing the inside of the shirt) and pin in place. If you have an iron, help set the fabric in place before sewing the hem.

– When you’re finished, remove the pins and flip the shirt right side out, and put it on!

Simple Shirt – Peekaboo Shoulders, Wide Neck, and Side Corset

This shirt incorporates multiple looks into one!

peekaboo shoulders, wide neck, side corset, simple shirt

This was originally a regular t-shirt with a iron on patch reading “Jesus is Alive”

What you need
– Shirt
– Bits from another shirt or fabric
– Pins
– Needle
– Thread
– Ruler (optional)

How to do it
– Cut the neckline really wide, cut down the sides up to the armpit, and hem the cut edges
– If you’re adding straps to create a “peekaboo shoulder” look, hem those as well, and sew on. Otherwise keep it as a wide neck, and move onto the next step…
– Pin the two sides of the shirt together. Cut *very small* holes on either side, and an even space from each other down the length of the shirt. I use the width of my ring, middle and pointer fingers as a guide, but you could use a ruler if you prefer.
– Take out the pins, Lace up the sides using long strips of fabric, and you’re DONE!

No Sew Lace Shorts

Do you want something breezy and feminine for summer, but don’t know how to sew? Or do you need something new to wear for a trip to the beach tomorrow but you don’t have time to sew something? Make some no sew lace shorts!

What you need
– Scissors
– Glue gun
– Lace

How to do it
– Cut the pant legs off
– Turn the shorts inside out
– Using the glue gun, affix the lace to the edge. You want enough lace on the fabric so it holds secure, but enough to be visible when you’re wearing them
– Let it dry overnight, or at least for a few hours
– If there is excess lace on the inside of the shorts, cut it off
– Put the pants right side out and put it on!

lace jeans

This person made lace jeans by putting the lace on the pocket instead. Get creative with your positioning and technique!

You could also try doing the lace hem technique with jeans converted into a skirt, but that would require a bit of sewing!