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Star Wars Shoes

If you liked the upcycled shoes from the last post, you are going to love these Star Wars shoes.

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These cyberpunk shoes, created by Gabriel Dishaw, were inspired by the character Darth Vader. He has made other shoes out of computer parts, which you can check out on his website.

Upcycling shoes can be a way to cover up salt stains when winter turns to spring, or to turn old shoes into something new to either wear or display as a work of art. Want to try it but don’t know how to start? Check out this tutorial.

Upcycled Plastic Shoes

Did you know these shoes were made from plastic?

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Californian company MOVMT / The Peoples Movement have created upcycled plastic shoes as well as t-shirts and wallets out of plastic bags collected from their local seaway.

Upcycling helps improve the environment by reducing the amount of trash in the ocean, which in turn lowers the numbers of animals who get sick or die from getting stuck in or eating plastic.

This is a really innovative way to re-use plastic in ways most people wouldn’t imagine possible!


Flip Flops to Fun

In Kenya a recycling plant is taking flip flops which wash up on the shore, and making toys out of them.

flip flops to toys, upcycling, recycling

This is a really innovative way of taking stuff which otherwise would go to the landfill (ever year hundreds of pairs of flip flops wash up on the countries beaches) and upcycling them into something completely different, giving the plastic a whole new life!

Upcycled Shoes

made by half-pint-munckin

What you need
* Acrylic paint for canvass shoes. Leather paint for leather.
* Paint brush
* Chalk (fabric chalk works best)

How to do it
* Draw the outline of your design in chalk
* Paint! If your shoes are black you may need to do 2 coats (don’t do one thick coat)
* Let dry overnight
* You may want to finish with some finish, such as clear acrylic spray paint or Mod Podge.