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Pencil Crayon Necklace

Do you have a bunch of pencil crayons that are too short to use? Don’t want to throw them out but don’t know what to do with them?

Make a pencil crayon necklace!

pencil crayon necklace

What you need
– Pencil crayons
– Drill
– String

How to do it
Carefully drill a hole through the pencil crayons
– String them onto the string
– Wrap a knot, and wear!

Gumball Necklace

Simple and sweet! Perfect for everything from kids parties to Pride or raves… This brings a new meaning to “candy” 😉

What you need
– Gumballs
– Thick sewing pin
– String or thick thread

How to do it
– Thread the sewing pin
– Poke the gumball with the sewing pin

Be careful and slow when you’re doing this. The second step is better for bigger hands! If little kids are making the necklace, pre-poke the holes for them, like this:

candy, gumball necklace

Bracelets and Necklaces

If something has a hole in it, you might be able to use it to make a bracelet or necklace!

hama bead bracelet
These were made using Hama beads, which are plastic pieces that are meant to be placed on a peg board and then ironed together to make a design.

This was made from a piece off of a board that teaches kids their letters and numbers, along with traditional wooden beads.

Have you made bracelets and necklaces from things not intended to be jewellery beads?

Safety Pin Bracelet

Bored with making bracelets with just string and beads? Make a safety pin bracelet!

What you need

* Safety pins
* Small beads
* Elastic string

How to do it

* String the beads onto the safety pins. Close the safety pin when done.
* String the string through the top and bottom holes of the safety pins.
* Knot the ends, then connect the two ends to make the bracelet.

safety pin bracelet

This person added beads between each safety pin. Cute!