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Glowstick Fan

Hosting a party? Don’t know how to make the living room look like a dance floor?

glowstick, fan, glowstick fan, party decoration

Glowing glowstick fan!

A glowstick fan is a fun but simple party decoration for a New Years Eve party, Birthday party, end of term party or any other get together.

You need:
* Glowsticks
* Ceiling fan
* Clear boxing tape
* Ladder or something to stand on

You need to:
* Activate the glowsticks
* Stand on the ladder (Stay safe! You might want to do this before drinking.)
* Tape them to the ceiling fan. Tip: To make it easier to remove after, put the sticky side of the tape out as you wrap the tape around the fan blades.

Upcycled Chair

This upcycled chair was made by someone just by adding some paint.

chair, upcycled, paint, upcycle

What a perfect way to upcycle stuff for the holidays! You could paint stuff green or gold for the winter season, and add some colour in the summer.

Do you have a problem finding enough places for people to sit down during holiday celebrations? Why not upcycle some old items you have lying in the garage or under the stairs?

Lightbulb Flower Vase

Spring into spring with a lightbulb flower vase. Lightbulbs are things everyone has in their home. But what to do with them after they burn out? Put your flowers in them!

What you need
* Safety goggles
* Lightbulb
* Pliers
* Wire
* Flowers and water

How to do it
* CAREFULLY remove the metal conductor and bottom black cap off the lightbulb
* Take out the metal and glass tubing
* Wrap wire around the bottom part (which will now be the top) and bend part of it so it looks like a coat hanger. For more security you might want to bring the hook back down and wrap it around the bulb.
* Hang it up, pour in a bit of water in the lightbulb and add some flowers


– UPcycling Phoenix

Penny Flooring

Today the Penny has been retired in Canada.

Instead of hoarding them or rushing out to spend them, why not do something more creative and long-lasting? You can do some interior design and make penny flooring for your home.

What you need
* A bunch of pennies
* Polyurethane
* Epoxy

What you might need
* Stripper, if you’re removing vinyl flooring
* Scrapers and/or sandpaper, depending on the condition of your flooring
* Paint, if you want an even looking base (you will be able to see part of the floor underneath the final product)
* Brushes for the paint
* Fan and/or dehumidifier to get rid of the fumes

How to do it
* Prepare your floor if necessary (check out the “what you might need” section)
* Put polyurethane on the floor and start sticking in your pennies
* Do a final coat with epoxy