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Simple Halloween Pumpkin – Puking Pumpkin Carving

Most pumpkin carving is time consuming and results in most of the pumpkin going to waste, either from getting candle wax on the inside or because all of the innards are ripped out and put in the trash.

Puking pumpkins are pretty popular, and they are a simple Halloween pumpkin design to create.

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Just cut out the face like normal, starting with the mouth, but just scoop out the innards around the eyes and nose. Use the mouth as a means for bringing the pumpkin guts out.

This is an easy Halloween pumpkin the whole family can enjoy creating together, and you can use the pumpkin afterwards for making yummy pies and other treats.

** Safety Tip ** Make sure that if you use a light source that it is not a candle.

Halloween Decoration

Here’s a haunted Halloween decoration – Wax Paper Bloody crime scene. Perfect for making your haunted house seem like a set from Breaking Bad. Scary!

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You need
* A window
* Wax paper
* Clear tape
* Red paint
* Paintbrush

You need to
* Tape the wax paper up to the window
* Carefully splatter the paint onto the wax paper with the paintbrush. You might want to add a handprint for an extra gory appearance.

Halloween Craft – Milk Jug Ghost

Kids Halloween crafts are a fun way to get them into the planning, even if they are too young to go out Trick or Treating.

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These milk jug ghosts are simple to make – all you need are plastic containers (you could even use clear pop bottles) and some markers.

You can either poke small holes in the back and thread through Christmas tree lights or use the milk container ghosts for Halloween party games like bowling.

Halloween Craft – Jar Lantern

Another kids Halloween craft!

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What you need
* Mason jar, jam jar, or some other sort of glass jar
* Dark coloured paint and paintbrush or scissors, construction paper and tape or glue

How to do it
* Clean out the jar
* Create the design, keeping the construction paper or paint on the outside of the jar
* Safety first! Have an adult light the candle for the jar lantern, and make sure the jar is in a spot where it won’t get accidentally knocked over.

Halloween Craft – Toilet Paper Roll Mummy

A toilet paper roll mummy is an easy Halloween craft to make, even for kids with mommys who need a break!

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All you need
* Toilet paper roll, with a bit of “tp” still on it
* Googley eyes, or you could draw some on with a marker
* Glue

How to do it
* Take an empty toilet paper roll, or take the remaining amount of toilet paper off a roll
* Re-roll the paper on, using a bit of glue to help hold it in place
* Give the mummy some eyes, and give to mommy to let dry

Halloween Costume – Zombie Clown

Short on ideas or money or both? Make a new Halloween costume out of an old one!

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A Zombie clown is perfect – just take a clown costume and put a bunch of fake blood on it and your face. Here’s a non-toxic recipe, which is great for having that “freshly fed” blood oozing from the mouth look:

* Put corn starch into a bowl or cup you don’t want to use again, or don’t mind if it gets messy
* Add drops of red, and a bit of the other colours (green, blue, yellow) until you get a shade you like
* Add a bit of flour until the fake blood is slightly gloopy instead of runny