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Halloween Costume – Zombie Clown

Short on ideas or money or both? Make a new Halloween costume out of an old one!

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A Zombie clown is perfect – just take a clown costume and put a bunch of fake blood on it and your face. Here’s a non-toxic recipe, which is great for having that “freshly fed” blood oozing from the mouth look:

* Put corn starch into a bowl or cup you don’t want to use again, or don’t mind if it gets messy
* Add drops of red, and a bit of the other colours (green, blue, yellow) until you get a shade you like
* Add a bit of flour until the fake blood is slightly gloopy instead of runny

Halloween Costume – Raining Cats and Dogs

Another Halloween costume idea – perfect if it’s raining 😉

costume, halloween costume, creative, umbrella, raining

This costume is super creative!

Get an umbrella and glue some construction paper cutouts of cats and dogs to it, or you could get stencils and spray paint them on. For the ones dangling, just add some string and poke a small hole in the plastic of the umbrella with a pin.