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Pizza Box Ideas

This pizza place put some interesting ideas on how to upcycle the pizza box!

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Incase you can’t read it, here are the pizza box ideas:

1. Cut it into a basketball hoop
2. Turn it into a fashionable laptop cover
3. Stockpile them until you can make a chair
4. Wrap the inside with tin foil to make a solar oven
5. Use it to build a bird mansion for your local feathered friends
6. Construct a suit of samurai armour
7. Place two back to back for a game of pizza themed Battleship
8.  Assemble a jungle gym for your cats
9.  Design and test fly a cardboard airplane
10. Check your local recycling guidelines and recycle the box

OK; so the last one isn’t an upcycling idea – but hopefully you can get creative with the pizza boxes that will be left over from any New Years Eve party!

Portable Golf Game

This person made multiple games out of an empty mint tin. It’s a great craft idea for kids to make before a March Break car trip!



What they used
* Mint tin, or other metal candy tin with a hinged lid
* Green carpet sample (you could also use felt)
* Scissors
* Electrical tape
* Copper wire
* Pliers
* Clay

How they did it
* Cut the carpet samples to fit the tin.
* Using pliers, cut the copper wire into a two inch piece. Wrap one end of each piece with electrical tape. Bend the exposed piece of wire to a 90 degree angle. This will be a golf club.
* Make a ball out of clay and let dry.

You could either make a two-hole portable golf game, or make the tic-tac-toe to go game with the lid of the tin. The person I got the idea from used homemade clay pieces with magnets so they stick even if you’re in a automobile, but for simplicity sake I would use pennies (one person can play heads and the other can be tails)

This is a really creative idea, and shows how you can reuse practically anything! What is the most interesting thing you’ve made from “trash”?

– UPcycling Phoenix