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Edible Christmas Tree Ordainment

When most people think of an edible ordainment, they think of dry and stale popcorn strings – not really something you’d want to eat!

edible ordainment, wreath, make a wreath, edible Christmas tree ordainment, ordainment, mints

Here’s something more tasty – mmmm mints to make a wreath – and your kids can take part too.

* Take several mints and make a circle with them
* Glue together with white frosting
* Add smaller red mints ontop as cherries
* Let sit for a few hours to harden

When the holidays are over, you can suck and nibble your edible Christmas tree ordainment!

Mason Jar Salad

Some people say it takes 3 months to make something a habit – get a head start on New Years resolutions by packing healthy lunches, like mason jar salad.

upcycle, reuse, salad, mason jar, mason jar salad, lunch, leftovers

Upcycle glass jars like pasta sauce instead of just throwing them out in the blue bin. You can layer the salad to make it look extra pretty – and food that looks good is more likely to be eaten. Great for older kids to take to school! Don’t stop with traditional salad. You can reuse leftovers like pasta from supper and make lunch from that too.

Excuse me while I go get something to eat…

Jelly Worms

Fun food with homemade jelly worms!

jelly worms, food, jello

What you need
– Jello
– Bendy straws
– Elastic band
– Cup

How to do it
– Prepare the Jello, but don’t put it in the fridge.
– Get a bunch of straws (bendy kind are the best, since the bendable part gives it the appearance of a worm) secure them together with an elastic, and put into a cup
– After the Jello has stopped steaming, pour into the straws (Don’t worry about spillage into the cup)
– Put into the fridge until solid
– Eat some worms!

Watermelon Bowl

This might not be completely edible, but a watermelon bowl is a creative way to use the part you can’t eat – and it saves you from washing a bowl! When the fruit is done, cut the melon and eat the rest, then put it in the compost… Yum and done!

watermelon bowl

Gumball Necklace

Simple and sweet! Perfect for everything from kids parties to Pride or raves… This brings a new meaning to “candy” 😉

What you need
– Gumballs
– Thick sewing pin
– String or thick thread

How to do it
– Thread the sewing pin
– Poke the gumball with the sewing pin

Be careful and slow when you’re doing this. The second step is better for bigger hands! If little kids are making the necklace, pre-poke the holes for them, like this:

candy, gumball necklace

Edible Chocolate Bowl

Do you still have leftover Easter chocolate lying around? Do you have balloons left over from a birthday or graduation party? Make an edible chocolate bowl with your spring chocolate to go with some summer ice cream!

edible chocolate bowl

What you need
– Oven
– 2 pots (one smaller than the other)
– Spoon
– Fork, knife, or other sharp object
– Pan
– Waxed paper
– Balloons
– Chocolate
– Water
– Ice cream

How to do it
– Boil water in a pot, put chunks of chocolate in the smaller pot, and carefully place inside the pot with water. Make sure the water doesn’t spill over! If you need to, pour some out.
– Stir chocolate with spoon until melted, remove from element, and let cool
– While you’re waiting for the chocolate to cool, blow up some balloons
– Put waxed paper on pan, scoop a small spoonful of chocolate and make a dot on the paper
– Dip the balloons into the chocolate and place on the chocolate dot
– Let the chocolate harden (you might need to place it in a fridge)
– Poke the balloon until it goes “pop”
– You should be left with an edible chocolate bowl, ready to fill with ice cream or other summer treat. Experiment with different kinds of chocolate and fillings, like strawberries in a white chocolate bowl.

Perfect Parfait

Have some spring sweetness in an old mason jar or other clear glass.

Parfait, fruit, healthy, yummy, kids

Make it the night before and have a quick and yummy and healthy breakfast (amazing combination!) before your kids go to school or camp, or you go to the gym or work.

If you dumpster dive and find some fruit that’s firm enough to eat without turning into a smoothie, this is a great way to have it. It’s also a good way to use up bits of different fruits when there’s not enough to make a whole pie.


CD Spindle – Lunch Container

Don’t have anything to carry your lunch in? If you’re like me, you’ve resorted to wrapping a sandwich in a plastic grocery bag (they do have more uses than just carrying your food home, or collecting trash to carry to the curb!)

lunch container

All you need is a CD spindle and a bagel!

Do you know of another use for a CD spindle?