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Edible Christmas Tree Ordainment

When most people think of an edible ordainment, they think of dry and stale popcorn strings – not really something you’d want to eat!

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Here’s something more tasty – mmmm mints to make a wreath – and your kids can take part too.

* Take several mints and make a circle with them
* Glue together with white frosting
* Add smaller red mints ontop as cherries
* Let sit for a few hours to harden

When the holidays are over, you can suck and nibble your edible Christmas tree ordainment!


Instead of going out and getting a premade glitter snowglobe, upcycle some old mason jars and make one yourself!

What you need
* Mason jar
* Small plastic item, like a Christmas figurine or kids favourite Pokemon character.
* Glitter (white or silver is best)
* Glycerin
* Water
* Waterproof glue

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How to do it
* Glue the figurine to the underside of the mason jar lid. Let dry!
* Fill jar almost all the way with water.
* Put in a few drops of glycerin, and some glitter.
* Use glue to hold the jar lid in place as you close it.
* Wait 1 day before shaking up the mason jar snowglobe.