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Cereal Box Bag

Everyone has cereal boxes, but what to do with them after you’re done eating breakfast? Make an upcycled cereal box bag.

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These DIY bags are great for holding gifts, and act as a gift in and of themselves!

What you need
* Cereal box
* String or Modge Podge
* Paintbrush
* Old wrapping paper, comics, other paper, or paint

How to do it
* Cut off the flaps at the top
* Cut handle holes on either long side of the box, or poke two small holes in each side to feed through a string
* Paint the box, or you’re using Modge Podge, paint the paper with it and place on the box. Let it dry.
* If you opted for a string handle, repoke the holes if necessary, put the string through and tie knots on either inside. You might want to Modge Podge some paper over the knot or use duct tape (it comes in lots of different colours) to secure it more.

T-Shirt to Bag

Do you have a shirt you don’t want to wear but don’t know what to do with? Why not make a bag?


What you need

* shirt
* Thread
* Needle
* Scissors
* Pins

How to do it

* Cut the sleeves off the shirt.
* Cut the neck hole into a square. This is going to become the opening for the bag. Make sure not to cut too much off the shoulder part of the shirt, since those are going to be the handles.
* Flip the shirt inside out, pin the bottom end of the shirt together, and sew.
* Hem the neck and arm holes, and sew.
* Flip right side out, and you have a new bag!

– UPcycling Phoenix