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Plastic Knife Garden

It may be late for most people, at least in the Northern Hemisphere, to be thinking about gardening; but here’s an idea you can use for fall and winter gardening, or for planning your spring garden for next year!

plastic knife, garden

Using plastic knifes to mark garden items is a good way to reuse cutlery from summer picnics or lunch takeouts.

All you need for your plastic knife garden is a permanent marker to write with, and some cutlery. Knives work best, but you might be able to experiment with forks or spoons as well, or leftover popsicle sticks. Have you used other items to mark your garden with? Let us know!


Plastic Jug Birdfeeder

Bring some birds to your backyard or local park with an upcycled plastic jug birdfeeder.

milk jug, plastic jug, birdfeeder, backyard

What you need
– Milk jug, or some other plastic jug
– Utility blade
– Duct tape
– String
– Screwdriver
– A tree or structure to hang the birdfeeder from
– Birdseed

How to do it
– Cut holes in the jug using the utility blade
– Place duct tape around the cut marks you made (sharp edges may hurt the birds)
– Using the screwdriver, make a hole in the lid
– Make a large knot and thread through the lid, so the knot is on the inside of the jug
– Fill with birdseed and hang up your plastic jug birdfeeder

The birdfeeder in the image has sticks, which while not necessary, can help birds stand and eat more easily. If you want to add them, use a screwdriver to drill some holes and stick the sticks through.

Stick Magnets

When I was visiting the Biodome in Montreal I saw some stick magnets. It sounds like a cool project for kids, and after they are done they can attach drawings they make on the fridge with a magnet they made too!

What you need
* Twigs
* Tiny round magnets
* Glue gun

How to do it
* Find some sticks! Make sure they are thick enough to cover the magnet, but not too large so that the magnet won’t be able to hold their weight.
* Get a grown up to use the glue gun to attach the magnets to the twigs.
* While it’s cooling and drying, make a picture.
* Hang the picture to the fridge using the stick magnets!

stick magnet

This person attached the magnets to the side of the sticks. The ones I saw at the Biodome gift shop were attached at the ends, which might accidentally poke small people trying to get some snacks. I like this way of doing it, and you can attach a second magnet if you find one isn’t enough to hold up a drawing or report card.