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Family Tree

This Family Day make an artistic Family Tree with your kids.

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All you need is paint, paper and your hands! This is a neat way to time capsule your kids hands. Make a new one every few years, or with every new addition, and see how the “leaves” change.

Get your kids into genealogy with this craft project. When you’re done washing off your hands, go to Family Search to learn more about your relatives and ancestors!

Pine Cone Ordainment

Kids getting cabin fever? Get them outside and have them collect some pine cones. When they get back inside, they can create a craft.

Pine Cone Ordainments, pine cone, kids, art, craft

Pine Cone Ordainments are easy to make. All you need are pine cones, glue, glitter, paint or other stuff in your art bin.

pine cone, kids, art, craft, birdfeeder, pine cone birdfeeder

You can make gifts for the wildlife outside by putting peanut butter on the pine cone and sprinkling seeds on it. Hang it up on the tree and watch the birds fly to the pine cone birdfeeder.

Edible Christmas Tree Ordainment

When most people think of an edible ordainment, they think of dry and stale popcorn strings – not really something you’d want to eat!

edible ordainment, wreath, make a wreath, edible Christmas tree ordainment, ordainment, mints

Here’s something more tasty – mmmm mints to make a wreath – and your kids can take part too.

* Take several mints and make a circle with them
* Glue together with white frosting
* Add smaller red mints ontop as cherries
* Let sit for a few hours to harden

When the holidays are over, you can suck and nibble your edible Christmas tree ordainment!

Dried Apple Heads

Stuck indoors? Looking around for some art to do… Grab a couple apples from the kitchen and make some dried apple heads.

What you need
* Apple
* Pen
* Small sharp knife
* 1 cup lemon juice
* 1 tablespoon salt
* Bowl
* Towel

dried apple head, apple, art, decoration, halloween

How to do it
* Peel the apple and de-core it
* Draw on some eyes, nose and mouth
* Go along the lines with the knife
* Combine lemon juice and salt in bowl
* Put apple in bowl for half a minute
* Remove, pat dry with towel
* Put apple in dry and warm place (like a closet) for a few days

You can hang them from the tree for an interesting ordainment, or put them on the table as a decoration. Dried apple heads aren’t just for Halloween – turn them into a Christmas tradition as well!

Remembrance Day Craft

It’s sometimes hard to talk to kids about heavy topics, and war is one of them. Getting the family together to make a Remembrance Day craft is a good way to bring up the subject in a safe way that children can understand.

Get out finger paints and have them make a poppy with their thumbs. It’s something younger kids can do, but the whole family can get involved and add their own fingerprints – And because it’s made with paper, you can easily mail it to relatives who are currently serving.

poppy, Remembrance Day craft, Remembrance Day, family activity, finger paints, thumbs

This guide from the Royal Canadian Legion is intended for teachers but it can also be used for homeschool, Family Home Evening or other family activity.

Rubik Cube Art

Wonder what someone who has a bunch of Rubik Cubes does with them – after you’re done wondering why someone has so many of them?

Pete Fecteau making Rubik Cube art of Martin Luther King

Finished product! MLK in Rubik cube art form.

Getting the colours on one cube the way you want them is hard enough. It’s amazing how he was able to do it with over 4,000 cubes; but like the name of the piece – Dream Big!