T-Shirt to Dress


Make a dress out of a T-shirt!

What you need
* Long T-shirt
* Needle
* Thread
* Pins
* Scissors

How to do it
* Cut off the collar and sleeves. You might want to cut off more to make the neckline more rounded or the straps smaller. It’s up to you!
* Turn the shirt over so the back is facing up. Make a across the back side of the shirt, from where the armpit hole was. You can do either straight line or a curved one, depending on the look you want.
* Flip inside out, hem, and sew.
* Depending on your body type, you may need to hem in some of the shirt to make it more fitted. Later this week there will be a “big to small” t-shirt entry showing you how to do this.


This dress was made by arseniccupcakes

– UPcycling Phoenix

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