T-Shirt Reconstruction – Big to Small

Do you have a shirt you really like, but it’s too baggy? Do some T-Shirt Reconstruction and make your shirt from big to small!

What you need

* T-shirt that’s too big
* T-shirt that fits you nicely
* Needle
* Thread
* Marker or chalk
* Pins
* Scissors

How to do it

* Turn the big T-shirt inside out
* Put the other T-shirt ontop, matching up the neck hole as much as possible, and trace around it. Remember to not trace too close! You don’t want to get marks on the good shirt, and you want to have enough for sewing allowance.
* After you’ve traced the T-shirt, fold the big one in half to make sure the lines you made match. Otherwise you might end up with uneven arms.
* Pin the shirt on the part you are going to wear after sewing. This will help keep it from slipping out of place as you sew.
* Sew along the lines.
* Flip it right side out and try it on.
* Does it fit? Skip this step: Flip it inside out again and sew in the extra amount needed to make it snug.
* Cut the excess fabric. Cut the arms shorter to match your smaller shirt, hem and sew.

– UPcycling Phoenix

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