Simple Skirt

It’s can be simple to make a skirt…


This skirt was made using two pieces of semi-transparent material folded together.

What you need
– Material
– Elastic band (material – not the kind you use for paper or your hair!)
– Safety pin
– Pins
– Scissors
– Sewing machine (not needed, but really recommended) or needle and thread
– Iron

How to do it
– Measure your hips
– Cut material into a piece as wide as your hips, plus extra for seam allowance. When you cut for length remember about seam allowance for there as well.
– Hem the bottom, then fold the top part over and pin in place. You need to make sure this part is wide enough to allow for the elastic band to fit through, then sew.
– Measure a piece of elastic band equal to your hips, then attach a safety pin to the elastic band and ‘fish’ it through. Pin it together and sew the two ends together in a X shape with a box going around it.
– Pin the skirt ends together, so the seam is on the inside, and sew together. Be careful when you get to the top part, so you don’t sew the elastic part.
– Wear your sexy simple skirt!

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