Simple Shirt – Peekaboo Shoulders, Wide Neck, and Side Corset

This shirt incorporates multiple looks into one!

peekaboo shoulders, wide neck, side corset, simple shirt

This was originally a regular t-shirt with a iron on patch reading “Jesus is Alive”

What you need
– Shirt
– Bits from another shirt or fabric
– Pins
– Needle
– Thread
– Ruler (optional)

How to do it
– Cut the neckline really wide, cut down the sides up to the armpit, and hem the cut edges
– If you’re adding straps to create a “peekaboo shoulder” look, hem those as well, and sew on. Otherwise keep it as a wide neck, and move onto the next step…
– Pin the two sides of the shirt together. Cut *very small* holes on either side, and an even space from each other down the length of the shirt. I use the width of my ring, middle and pointer fingers as a guide, but you could use a ruler if you prefer.
– Take out the pins, Lace up the sides using long strips of fabric, and you’re DONE!

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