Sewing Kit and Pincushion

A sewing kit is a handy thing for anyone who is into upcycling.

sewing kit

I made my sewing kit by cutting off a pocket from a pair of pants. With multiple pockets, I can keep my scissors and stitch ripper separate from my zippers and random stuff, and there’s lots of room in the main pocket for thread and needles. The sewing kit is still compact enough to throw in my bag along with a half complete t-shirt or anything else I need.

What to do with leftover PVC scraps?


Make a pincushion! It’s really simple. It’s pretty much a pillow, but smaller.

I have never seen a PVC pincushion before, and even though the material isn’t something you typically want to get tears or holes in, I still think it makes a cool pincushion.

Leftover textile bits are perfect for stuff like a pincushion, making a patchwork quilt, or a pillow for your small furry friend.

What do you do with your leftover textiles?

– UPcycling Phoenix

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