Recycled Paper

Paper often ends up in the recycling bin, but you can reuse it and make some interesting art at the same time by making some recycled paper.

What you need
* Paper
* Scissors, or you can rip the paper with your hands
* Blender
* Water
* Mold and Deckle
* Bucket, which is large enough fr the mold and deckle
* Sponge
* Towel
* Enough space to lie the towel down flat

How to do it
* Put small pieces of paper into the blender, about half way, and then add warm water
* Blend until the paper looks like a smooth paste and there aren’t any big pieces of paper visible
* Do this process 3 times, putting the product in the bucket
* Fill basin half way with water and stir
* Put mold and deckle into basin and move back and forth slightly, then carefully lift straight up. If it looks really thick and gloopy, try again with more water. If it looks too thin, try again with more blended paper
* Take off the mould and lightly sponge the paper
* Flip deckle over, so the paper lies on the towel
* Let dry
* Use your recycled paper!


* Use different coloured or textured paper
* Put sparkles into the mix
* Place leaves or flowers into the paper during the sponging portion of the recycled paper making

– UPcycling Phoenix

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