Portable Golf Game

This person made multiple games out of an empty mint tin. It’s a great craft idea for kids to make before a March Break car trip!



What they used
* Mint tin, or other metal candy tin with a hinged lid
* Green carpet sample (you could also use felt)
* Scissors
* Electrical tape
* Copper wire
* Pliers
* Clay

How they did it
* Cut the carpet samples to fit the tin.
* Using pliers, cut the copper wire into a two inch piece. Wrap one end of each piece with electrical tape. Bend the exposed piece of wire to a 90 degree angle. This will be a golf club.
* Make a ball out of clay and let dry.

You could either make a two-hole portable golf game, or make the tic-tac-toe to go game with the lid of the tin. The person I got the idea from used homemade clay pieces with magnets so they stick even if you’re in a automobile, but for simplicity sake I would use pennies (one person can play heads and the other can be tails)

This is a really creative idea, and shows how you can reuse practically anything! What is the most interesting thing you’ve made from “trash”?

– UPcycling Phoenix

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