Pizza Box Ideas

This pizza place put some interesting ideas on how to upcycle the pizza box!

pizza box, upcycle, upcycling

Incase you can’t read it, here are the pizza box ideas:

1. Cut it into a basketball hoop
2. Turn it into a fashionable laptop cover
3. Stockpile them until you can make a chair
4. Wrap the inside with tin foil to make a solar oven
5. Use it to build a bird mansion for your local feathered friends
6. Construct a suit of samurai armour
7. Place two back to back for a game of pizza themed Battleship
8.  Assemble a jungle gym for your cats
9.  Design and test fly a cardboard airplane
10. Check your local recycling guidelines and recycle the box

OK; so the last one isn’t an upcycling idea – but hopefully you can get creative with the pizza boxes that will be left over from any New Years Eve party!

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