Peekaboo Sleeves

Peekaboo sleeves are a simple way to upcycle a shirt or sweater.

peekaboo sleeve, clothing reconstruction, upcycle

Clothing reconstruction can be cute!

What you need
– Top
– Scissors
– Needle and thread, or sewing machine
– Sewing pins
– Fabric or lace (or even a shoelace, depending on what look you like)

How to do it
– Cut a line from the top, and part way down the shoulder. Put on the top and see how it fits. If the material doesn’t open to create a large enough hole, cut it out in a slight V shape and try it on again.
– Hem the part you cut
– Create a tiny hole on either side of the shirt
– Place the material through and tie into a bow. Beautiful!

If you’re using random fabric to tie the sleeve, you might want to hem that as well. A good way to do this without showing any end bits is to flip the material inside out, sew (leaving a small hole at the start), flip right side out and sew up the rest. If this sounds confusing, check out the instructions on how to make a pillow.

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