Pants to Skirt

Have a pair of pants with worn out knees or crotch, or have you grown taller but not wider? Make them into a skirt.

pants to skirt

What you need

* Pants
* Scissors
* Needle
* Thread
* Pins

How to do it

* Cut the legs, and with one line cut the crotch part so the pants become a tube like thing
* Cut the excess material so it looks like a line all the way around.
* Get some material from the leg, or some other material, and make a triangle. Fit it into the front part of the skirt, to give it a nicer fit.
* If you want, hem it. Personally I like the look of it unhemmed, and I often find there’s not enough material to hem it even if I wanted to.

– UPcycling Phoenix

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