Lego Belt

I used Lego a lot when I was younger, and wanted to do something with the stuff I had lying around. The end result was a Lego belt!

lego belt, belt, lego

What you need
* Plastic buckle
* Sheet of Lego (officially called the “baseplate”) cut up into squares that fit the size of your buckle
* Long piece of thick material to use as a belt
* Glue gun, for attaching the plastic parts together
* Scissors
* Needle
* Thread

How to do it
* Take the material for the belt and measure out how much you will need to wrap around your waist. Add some for comfort, and add some more to allow for hemming the ends.
* Put the material through the end of the buckle, and sew in place, with the end piece facing inwards (so you don’t see it when you’re wearing the belt)
* Hem the other end
* Cut a piece of the Lego sheet to fit the plastic buckle and glue it on
* Wait for it to dry, and wear it!

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