Edible Chocolate Bowl

Do you still have leftover Easter chocolate lying around? Do you have balloons left over from a birthday or graduation party? Make an edible chocolate bowl with your spring chocolate to go with some summer ice cream!

edible chocolate bowl

What you need
– Oven
– 2 pots (one smaller than the other)
– Spoon
– Fork, knife, or other sharp object
– Pan
– Waxed paper
– Balloons
– Chocolate
– Water
– Ice cream

How to do it
– Boil water in a pot, put chunks of chocolate in the smaller pot, and carefully place inside the pot with water. Make sure the water doesn’t spill over! If you need to, pour some out.
– Stir chocolate with spoon until melted, remove from element, and let cool
– While you’re waiting for the chocolate to cool, blow up some balloons
– Put waxed paper on pan, scoop a small spoonful of chocolate and make a dot on the paper
– Dip the balloons into the chocolate and place on the chocolate dot
– Let the chocolate harden (you might need to place it in a fridge)
– Poke the balloon until it goes “pop”
– You should be left with an edible chocolate bowl, ready to fill with ice cream or other summer treat. Experiment with different kinds of chocolate and fillings, like strawberries in a white chocolate bowl.

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