Dried Apple Heads

Stuck indoors? Looking around for some art to do… Grab a couple apples from the kitchen and make some dried apple heads.

What you need
* Apple
* Pen
* Small sharp knife
* 1 cup lemon juice
* 1 tablespoon salt
* Bowl
* Towel

dried apple head, apple, art, decoration, halloween

How to do it
* Peel the apple and de-core it
* Draw on some eyes, nose and mouth
* Go along the lines with the knife
* Combine lemon juice and salt in bowl
* Put apple in bowl for half a minute
* Remove, pat dry with towel
* Put apple in dry and warm place (like a closet) for a few days

You can hang them from the tree for an interesting ordainment, or put them on the table as a decoration. Dried apple heads aren’t just for Halloween – turn them into a Christmas tradition as well!

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