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Upcycled Clothing

Hole in Crotch – Fixing Clothing

When you get a hole in the crotch do you usually throw out the pants? Fixing clothing isn’t as hard as it seems.

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Sewing a hole in jeans may seem impossible – but it’s fairly simple!

How to do it
* Turn the jeans inside out
* Take your scrap material and cut a square which is larger than the hole
* Pin it in place
* Sew a square around the hole
* Then sew in a zig zag around the hole
* Take out the pins
* Put on your ‘new’ pants!

Ombre Dye

When making DIY ombre clothes the only difference is, instead of submerging the entire piece of clothing in the dye, you only put part of it in. Then you hold it and wait a few minutes… then you dip a bit more in and wait a few minutes… and then you do the same thing again.

The part you kept in the dye the longest will be darker, and the parts you left in the least will be lightest, giving your pillow a cute ombre dye tone.

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You can do this with pillows, shirt sleeves, entire t shirts, pants, scarves, and anything else! Make ombre clothes for your friends with their favourite colours.

All you need is a piece of white clothing, some dye and a bucket or other place to do the dyeing in. Read the instructions on the package, and you’re ready to go!

Flag Clothing

You can make upcycled clothing out of almost anything.

Spenny from the TV show Kenny Vs Spenny made flag clothing during their Who is the Best Fashion Designer episode.

flag clothing, upcycled clothing, upcycling, upcycled, kenny vs spenny, spenny, fashion designer

Season 1, Episode 12 (S01 E12)

If you watch the episode, you can get other inspirations as well. Kenny used caution tape as a bra!

Would you consider upcycling fabrics or other stuff not commonly used for clothing?

Halloween Craft – Toilet Paper Roll Mummy

A toilet paper roll mummy is an easy Halloween craft to make, even for kids with mommys who need a break!

halloween, craft, halloween craft, kids, toilet paper roll mummy, mummy, toilet paper roll, tp

All you need
* Toilet paper roll, with a bit of “tp” still on it
* Googley eyes, or you could draw some on with a marker
* Glue

How to do it
* Take an empty toilet paper roll, or take the remaining amount of toilet paper off a roll
* Re-roll the paper on, using a bit of glue to help hold it in place
* Give the mummy some eyes, and give to mommy to let dry

Stencil T Shirt

Stencil art is simple!

t shirt, stencil, stencil t shirt, stencil art

To make a stencil t shirt this is all you need:
* T shirt
* Pencil or pen
* Paint
* Sponge
* Utility knife
* Cardboard (thin kind like from a cereal box is best)

How to do it:
* Draw out your design on the cardboard, then cut it out.
* Lay the shirt flat and place the cardboard ontop.
* Get some paint on the sponge (not too much – you don’t want the lines to bleed, and while you can always add more paint you can’t get rid of excess as easily) and put it on.
* Slowly lift the cardboard, making sure the shirt doesn’t move as you do this. Keep the shirt lying flat until it dries.

Armwarmers or Legwarmers

Did some clothing re-construction on a long sleeved shirt for summer time, and don’t want to waste the sleeves? Make some armwarmers!


If you have a pair of pants with a worn out crotch, or if the leg part fit but the waist is too small, you could also make some legwarmers!

What you need
* Elastic band. This is a long piece of material; not the kind used for your hair.
* Needle
* Thread
* Sewing pins
* Safety pin

How to do it
* Flip the sleeve or leg inside out
* Fold the material over once, leaving enough space for the elastic band to fit. Add a bit more material for sewing allowance.
* Secure in place with sewing pins
* Sew, but not all the way around! You need a hole big enough for the band
* Attach the safety pin to the end of the elastic band, and fish it through the hole and around to the other side
* Pin the two ends of the elastic band together, and see if it fits snugly around your leg or arm
* Sew the band together, and then sew the hole closed
* Flip right side out, and wear your new creation!

– UPcycling Phoenix

Corset Sleeves

Corset sleeves are cute, and it’s a really simple clothing reconstruction technique.

shirt, corset sleeves, corset back, corset shirt

This shirt has corset sleeves as well as a corset back

You do the same thing as you would for making a corset shirt at the back or sides, but with the sleeves instead. It’s a nice way to upcycle a shirt which would become too small if you made it into a corset shirt, or if you want to do something super fast before rushing out to catch some rays (Don’t forget your sunscreen, or you might get some interesting tanlines!)

Pants to Skirt

Have a pair of pants with worn out knees or crotch, or have you grown taller but not wider? Make them into a skirt.

pants to skirt

What you need

* Pants
* Scissors
* Needle
* Thread
* Pins

How to do it

* Cut the legs, and with one line cut the crotch part so the pants become a tube like thing
* Cut the excess material so it looks like a line all the way around.
* Get some material from the leg, or some other material, and make a triangle. Fit it into the front part of the skirt, to give it a nicer fit.
* If you want, hem it. Personally I like the look of it unhemmed, and I often find there’s not enough material to hem it even if I wanted to.

– UPcycling Phoenix