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Ombre Dye

When making DIY ombre clothes the only difference is, instead of submerging the entire piece of clothing in the dye, you only put part of it in. Then you hold it and wait a few minutes… then you dip a bit more in and wait a few minutes… and then you do the same thing again.

The part you kept in the dye the longest will be darker, and the parts you left in the least will be lightest, giving your pillow a cute ombre dye tone.

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You can do this with pillows, shirt sleeves, entire t shirts, pants, scarves, and anything else! Make ombre clothes for your friends with their favourite colours.

All you need is a piece of white clothing, some dye and a bucket or other place to do the dyeing in. Read the instructions on the package, and you’re ready to go!

Simple Skirt

It’s can be simple to make a skirt…


This skirt was made using two pieces of semi-transparent material folded together.

What you need
– Material
– Elastic band (material – not the kind you use for paper or your hair!)
– Safety pin
– Pins
– Scissors
– Sewing machine (not needed, but really recommended) or needle and thread
– Iron

How to do it
– Measure your hips
– Cut material into a piece as wide as your hips, plus extra for seam allowance. When you cut for length remember about seam allowance for there as well.
– Hem the bottom, then fold the top part over and pin in place. You need to make sure this part is wide enough to allow for the elastic band to fit through, then sew.
– Measure a piece of elastic band equal to your hips, then attach a safety pin to the elastic band and ‘fish’ it through. Pin it together and sew the two ends together in a X shape with a box going around it.
– Pin the skirt ends together, so the seam is on the inside, and sew together. Be careful when you get to the top part, so you don’t sew the elastic part.
– Wear your sexy simple skirt!

Heart Pillow

Pillows can come in all sorts of shapes. Why not make a heart pillow for your sweetheart?

heart pillow

All you need to do is make a pillow like normal but cut the fabric into a heart shape.

To make sure the heart is symmetrical, you may find it helpful to fold the material in half, pin it in place, and draw half the heart so the top and bottom part come to meet at the part you folded (not the end pieces!) Cut and then unfold, and you should have a nice looking heart. Use the piece you made as a template for the other side of the pillow, and then you’re ready to sew and get stuffing!

A face to lie your face on! The googly eyes are buttons.

A face to lie your face on! The googly eyes are buttons.

Bleached Nature T-shirt

Bring part of the cottage or beach everywhere you go, with a bleached nature t-shirt.

bleach, t-shirt, stencil, nature, leaf

What you need
– Leaves
– Shirt
– Bleach
– Spray bottle
– Table or other flat surface
– Something heavy, like a book

How to do it
– Find some leaves on a nature hike
– Place the shirt on a table and put a sheet of paper inbetween the front and back (so the bleach won’t bleed through)
– Spray the leaf with some bleach on the more textured side
– Press down on the t-shirt
– Place a book ontop and let it sit for a while
– Rinse off the shirt before you try it on

Sewing Kit and Pincushion

A sewing kit is a handy thing for anyone who is into upcycling.

sewing kit

I made my sewing kit by cutting off a pocket from a pair of pants. With multiple pockets, I can keep my scissors and stitch ripper separate from my zippers and random stuff, and there’s lots of room in the main pocket for thread and needles. The sewing kit is still compact enough to throw in my bag along with a half complete t-shirt or anything else I need.

What to do with leftover PVC scraps?


Make a pincushion! It’s really simple. It’s pretty much a pillow, but smaller.

I have never seen a PVC pincushion before, and even though the material isn’t something you typically want to get tears or holes in, I still think it makes a cool pincushion.

Leftover textile bits are perfect for stuff like a pincushion, making a patchwork quilt, or a pillow for your small furry friend.

What do you do with your leftover textiles?

– UPcycling Phoenix


If you’ve never sewed anything before and want to start up-cycling, making pillows is an easy way to get some practice.

What you need

* Textiles. It could be leftover stuff from a sewing project, or part of an old t-shirt you don’t want to get rid of but don’t know what to do with.

* Thread, preferably the same colour as the material you’re using

* Needle, or a sewing machine if you’re feeling adventurous.

* Stuffing. This is the only stuff you probably will have to buy, unless you have old stuffed animals or holey wool socks.

How to do it

* Cut out a rectangle piece and turn it inside out, so the pattern is facing inwards.

* Pin in place, so the pieces don’t move when you sew.

* Sew, leaving a small space just big enough for your fingers up to your top knuckles.

* Remove the pins and turn the material right side out.

* Stuff it! The pillow I mean…

* Now for the hard part. Take the material by the hole and fold it over twice on either side, then pin it in place… If you can do this, you won’t have to take your pants to get hemmed anymore.

* Sew it up, take the pins out, and you’re done!


Household additions don’t need to be limited to furniture; besides, you need stuff to go on the furniture too!

– UPcycling Phoenix