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Toilet Paper Speaker

Can’t make out your tunes? Make an upcycled toilet paper speaker!

All you need is an audio device, a tube of toilet paper, some art supplies and your imagination. This DIY toilet paper speaker looks boring, but you can spruce it up with some paint or markers or glitter or…

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DIY speaker, made from a simple tube of toilet paper!

The person who created this toilet paper speaker used a thumbtack to hold it upright and keep it from rolling over and away. Smart idea!


Broken Record

I would be so sad if a record I was waiting in the mail for (especially a Front Line Assembly album) was broken – but this person took a bad situation and turned it into art!

record on wall

Record on wall. Better than a band poster!

Have you ever done anything interesting with a broken record or a CD that was too scratched to play properly?

Music from Trash

The New York Philharmonic Orchestra went to the scrapyard.

They looked through “piles of crushed cars, hills of discarded tires and heaps of disembodied axles, gas tanks and bumpers” to create instruments for the show “Kraft”. The composer was inspired by Einstürzende Neubauten, and you can find out more about his vision in this interview.

Have you ever made music from trash?

– UPcycling Phoenix