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Glowstick Fan

Hosting a party? Don’t know how to make the living room look like a dance floor?

glowstick, fan, glowstick fan, party decoration

Glowing glowstick fan!

A glowstick fan is a fun but simple party decoration for a New Years Eve party, Birthday party, end of term party or any other get together.

You need:
* Glowsticks
* Ceiling fan
* Clear boxing tape
* Ladder or something to stand on

You need to:
* Activate the glowsticks
* Stand on the ladder (Stay safe! You might want to do this before drinking.)
* Tape them to the ceiling fan. Tip: To make it easier to remove after, put the sticky side of the tape out as you wrap the tape around the fan blades.

Pine Cone Ordainment

Kids getting cabin fever? Get them outside and have them collect some pine cones. When they get back inside, they can create a craft.

Pine Cone Ordainments, pine cone, kids, art, craft

Pine Cone Ordainments are easy to make. All you need are pine cones, glue, glitter, paint or other stuff in your art bin.

pine cone, kids, art, craft, birdfeeder, pine cone birdfeeder

You can make gifts for the wildlife outside by putting peanut butter on the pine cone and sprinkling seeds on it. Hang it up on the tree and watch the birds fly to the pine cone birdfeeder.

Edible Christmas Tree Ordainment

When most people think of an edible ordainment, they think of dry and stale popcorn strings – not really something you’d want to eat!

edible ordainment, wreath, make a wreath, edible Christmas tree ordainment, ordainment, mints

Here’s something more tasty – mmmm mints to make a wreath – and your kids can take part too.

* Take several mints and make a circle with them
* Glue together with white frosting
* Add smaller red mints ontop as cherries
* Let sit for a few hours to harden

When the holidays are over, you can suck and nibble your edible Christmas tree ordainment!


Instead of going out and getting a premade glitter snowglobe, upcycle some old mason jars and make one yourself!

What you need
* Mason jar
* Small plastic item, like a Christmas figurine or kids favourite Pokemon character.
* Glitter (white or silver is best)
* Glycerin
* Water
* Waterproof glue

snowglobe, snow, christmas, mason jar, mason jar snowglobe

How to do it
* Glue the figurine to the underside of the mason jar lid. Let dry!
* Fill jar almost all the way with water.
* Put in a few drops of glycerin, and some glitter.
* Use glue to hold the jar lid in place as you close it.
* Wait 1 day before shaking up the mason jar snowglobe.

Tea Candle Holder

Get your kids involved with making home decorations for the holidays with these simple tea candle holders.

holiday decorations,  home decorations, home decor, upcycled CD, Tea Candle Holder, Candle Holder, upcycled

What you need
– Tea Candles
– CDs
– Glitter, stones and other stuff (check out the art aisle in the Dollar Store)
– Glue (glue gun works best)

Decorate the CDs and allow them to dry. Then you have cute upcycled CD Tea Candle Holders for your Holiday decorations!

Upcycled Chair

This upcycled chair was made by someone just by adding some paint.

chair, upcycled, paint, upcycle

What a perfect way to upcycle stuff for the holidays! You could paint stuff green or gold for the winter season, and add some colour in the summer.

Do you have a problem finding enough places for people to sit down during holiday celebrations? Why not upcycle some old items you have lying in the garage or under the stairs?

Cord Storage

Do you have messy cords all over the place? Keep your cords sorted with cord storage made from upcycled toilet paper tubes.

cord storage, upcycled, upcycling, toilet paper tubes, cardboard tubes

Cardboard tubes often take up lots of space in the blue bin, but by upcycling them you can always make sure you can find your cords and that they won’t be tangled up.

This is a simple thing that doesn’t require artistic talent or lots of time – and it will save you lots of time too.

Computer Tower Mailbox

Computers are one of those items that everyone seems to be upgrading, especially with post-Back to School sales and winter holidays approaching. What to do with that old desktop tower? Upcycle it into a computer tower mailbox!

upcycle, upcycling, computer tower, desktop tower, mailbox, computer tower mailbox

This is a super simple upcycling project – Take all the parts out of the computer so just the tower remains. Once you remove the DVD drive you should be left with a hole which is perfect for inserting mail. The hardest part is affixing the computer tower to your mailbox pole.