Armwarmers or Legwarmers

Did some clothing re-construction on a long sleeved shirt for summer time, and don’t want to waste the sleeves? Make some armwarmers!


If you have a pair of pants with a worn out crotch, or if the leg part fit but the waist is too small, you could also make some legwarmers!

What you need
* Elastic band. This is a long piece of material; not the kind used for your hair.
* Needle
* Thread
* Sewing pins
* Safety pin

How to do it
* Flip the sleeve or leg inside out
* Fold the material over once, leaving enough space for the elastic band to fit. Add a bit more material for sewing allowance.
* Secure in place with sewing pins
* Sew, but not all the way around! You need a hole big enough for the band
* Attach the safety pin to the end of the elastic band, and fish it through the hole and around to the other side
* Pin the two ends of the elastic band together, and see if it fits snugly around your leg or arm
* Sew the band together, and then sew the hole closed
* Flip right side out, and wear your new creation!

– UPcycling Phoenix

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