Political Patch

We haven’t posted a patch entry in a while (To see previous posts, click here) This political patch, made from a screenprint, says “I’m not disturbing the peace. I’m disturbing the war.” If you want to learn how to do DIY patches check out this tutorial. When you are done making your patches, send us […]

Pants with Patches

I see lots of people wearing pants with patches. It’s a good way to keep pants lasting longer by covering holes, making them warmer by adding an extra layer, or making plain pants less boring looking. Music related patches are common, as are political ones. This one combines popular culture with an anti-racist message. This […]

Simple Shirt – Peekaboo Shoulders, Wide Neck, and Side Corset

This shirt incorporates multiple looks into one! What you need – Shirt – Bits from another shirt or fabric – Pins – Needle – Thread – Ruler (optional) How to do it – Cut the neckline really wide, cut down the sides up to the armpit, and hem the cut edges – If you’re adding […]