Kool Aid Hair Dye

Summer time is the perfect time to dye your hair! Here’s how to do it upcycled style…

What you need
– Kool Aid (unsweetened kind!)
– Conditioner
– Bowl
– Hair dye comb (optional but really recommended) or toothbrush
– Plastic wrap
– Vaseline

How to do it
– Put the Kool Aid into a bowl and add some conditioner. You want it to be like a paste.
– Put Vaseline around your ears, neck, forehead and other areas where the hair might touch your skin. This stops the dye from staining.
– Put it in your hair!
– Wrap your hair up with plastic wrap.
– Wait till morning time, then rinse with cool water

kool aid hair dye

Kool Aid hair dye will work best on hair that’s bleached, but if you use a dark colour like red you can get a nice tint even on natural hair.

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