T-Shirt Reconstruction – Corset Shirt

Making a corset shirt is simple and cute, and it is a NO SEW clothing surgery!

Made by: hippieginger

What you need

* Shirt
* Scissors
* Long thin scraps (I use ones cut from other shirts), lace or shoelace
* Sewing pins
* If you want to hem: needle and thread

How to do it

* Figure out what part you want to make into a corset, and cut a straight line.
* If you want, hem the edges.
* Lie the shirt flat and pin the sides together.
* Cut very small holes, evenly on both sides, and spaced evenly apart. I use my fingers as a guide but if you want to you can use a ruler.
* Remove the pins and thread your scraps, lace or other material through the holes in an X fashion (like you’re lacing shoes)
* Tie the ends together and cut off any excess.

Get creative – do the corset down the arms, sleeves or back!

– UPcycling Phoenix

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