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Lego Belt

I used Lego a lot when I was younger, and wanted to do something with the stuff I had lying around. The end result was a Lego belt!

lego belt, belt, lego

What you need
* Plastic buckle
* Sheet of Lego (officially called the “baseplate”) cut up into squares that fit the size of your buckle
* Long piece of thick material to use as a belt
* Glue gun, for attaching the plastic parts together
* Scissors
* Needle
* Thread

How to do it
* Take the material for the belt and measure out how much you will need to wrap around your waist. Add some for comfort, and add some more to allow for hemming the ends.
* Put the material through the end of the buckle, and sew in place, with the end piece facing inwards (so you don’t see it when you’re wearing the belt)
* Hem the other end
* Cut a piece of the Lego sheet to fit the plastic buckle and glue it on
* Wait for it to dry, and wear it!

Hole in Crotch – Fixing Clothing

When you get a hole in the crotch do you usually throw out the pants? Fixing clothing isn’t as hard as it seems.

hole in crotch, hole in jeans, jeans, pants, hole, fixing clothing, sewing

Sewing a hole in jeans may seem impossible – but it’s fairly simple!

How to do it
* Turn the jeans inside out
* Take your scrap material and cut a square which is larger than the hole
* Pin it in place
* Sew a square around the hole
* Then sew in a zig zag around the hole
* Take out the pins
* Put on your ‘new’ pants!

Political Patch

We haven’t posted a patch entry in a while (To see previous posts, click here)

patch, screenprint, political patch, political, peace, war, DIY, DIY patches

This political patch, made from a screenprint, says “I’m not disturbing the peace. I’m disturbing the war.”

If you want to learn how to do DIY patches check out this tutorial.

When you are done making your patches, send us some pictures and we will post them!

Ombre Dye

When making DIY ombre clothes the only difference is, instead of submerging the entire piece of clothing in the dye, you only put part of it in. Then you hold it and wait a few minutes… then you dip a bit more in and wait a few minutes… and then you do the same thing again.

The part you kept in the dye the longest will be darker, and the parts you left in the least will be lightest, giving your pillow a cute ombre dye tone.

ombre, ombre clothes, ombre dye, DIY ombre, DIY ombre clothes

You can do this with pillows, shirt sleeves, entire t shirts, pants, scarves, and anything else! Make ombre clothes for your friends with their favourite colours.

All you need is a piece of white clothing, some dye and a bucket or other place to do the dyeing in. Read the instructions on the package, and you’re ready to go!

Flag Clothing

You can make upcycled clothing out of almost anything.

Spenny from the TV show Kenny Vs Spenny made flag clothing during their Who is the Best Fashion Designer episode.

flag clothing, upcycled clothing, upcycling, upcycled, kenny vs spenny, spenny, fashion designer

Season 1, Episode 12 (S01 E12)

If you watch the episode, you can get other inspirations as well. Kenny used caution tape as a bra!

Would you consider upcycling fabrics or other stuff not commonly used for clothing?

Pizza Box Ideas

This pizza place put some interesting ideas on how to upcycle the pizza box!

pizza box, upcycle, upcycling

Incase you can’t read it, here are the pizza box ideas:

1. Cut it into a basketball hoop
2. Turn it into a fashionable laptop cover
3. Stockpile them until you can make a chair
4. Wrap the inside with tin foil to make a solar oven
5. Use it to build a bird mansion for your local feathered friends
6. Construct a suit of samurai armour
7. Place two back to back for a game of pizza themed Battleship
8.  Assemble a jungle gym for your cats
9.  Design and test fly a cardboard airplane
10. Check your local recycling guidelines and recycle the box

OK; so the last one isn’t an upcycling idea – but hopefully you can get creative with the pizza boxes that will be left over from any New Years Eve party!