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Cord Storage

Do you have messy cords all over the place? Keep your cords sorted with cord storage made from upcycled toilet paper tubes.

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Cardboard tubes often take up lots of space in the blue bin, but by upcycling them you can always make sure you can find your cords and that they won’t be tangled up.

This is a simple thing that doesn’t require artistic talent or lots of time – and it will save you lots of time too.

Mason Jar Salad

Some people say it takes 3 months to make something a habit – get a head start on New Years resolutions by packing healthy lunches, like mason jar salad.

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Upcycle glass jars like pasta sauce instead of just throwing them out in the blue bin. You can layer the salad to make it look extra pretty – and food that looks good is more likely to be eaten. Great for older kids to take to school! Don’t stop with traditional salad. You can reuse leftovers like pasta from supper and make lunch from that too.

Excuse me while I go get something to eat…

Computer Tower Mailbox

Computers are one of those items that everyone seems to be upgrading, especially with post-Back to School sales and winter holidays approaching. What to do with that old desktop tower? Upcycle it into a computer tower mailbox!

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This is a super simple upcycling project – Take all the parts out of the computer so just the tower remains. Once you remove the DVD drive you should be left with a hole which is perfect for inserting mail. The hardest part is affixing the computer tower to your mailbox pole.

Remembrance Day Craft

It’s sometimes hard to talk to kids about heavy topics, and war is one of them. Getting the family together to make a Remembrance Day craft is a good way to bring up the subject in a safe way that children can understand.

Get out finger paints and have them make a poppy with their thumbs. It’s something younger kids can do, but the whole family can get involved and add their own fingerprints – And because it’s made with paper, you can easily mail it to relatives who are currently serving.

poppy, Remembrance Day craft, Remembrance Day, family activity, finger paints, thumbs

This guide from the Royal Canadian Legion is intended for teachers but it can also be used for homeschool, Family Home Evening or other family activity.