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Halloween Costume – Zombie Clown

Short on ideas or money or both? Make a new Halloween costume out of an old one!

zombie, clown, zombie clown, halloween costume, fake blood

A Zombie clown is perfect – just take a clown costume and put a bunch of fake blood on it and your face. Here’s a non-toxic recipe, which is great for having that “freshly fed” blood oozing from the mouth look:

* Put corn starch into a bowl or cup you don’t want to use again, or don’t mind if it gets messy
* Add drops of red, and a bit of the other colours (green, blue, yellow) until you get a shade you like
* Add a bit of flour until the fake blood is slightly gloopy instead of runny

Halloween Costume – Raining Cats and Dogs

Another Halloween costume idea – perfect if it’s raining 😉

costume, halloween costume, creative, umbrella, raining

This costume is super creative!

Get an umbrella and glue some construction paper cutouts of cats and dogs to it, or you could get stencils and spray paint them on. For the ones dangling, just add some string and poke a small hole in the plastic of the umbrella with a pin.

Rubik Cube Art

Wonder what someone who has a bunch of Rubik Cubes does with them – after you’re done wondering why someone has so many of them?

Pete Fecteau making Rubik Cube art of Martin Luther King

Finished product! MLK in Rubik cube art form.

Getting the colours on one cube the way you want them is hard enough. It’s amazing how he was able to do it with over 4,000 cubes; but like the name of the piece – Dream Big!

Button Belt

Do you have a bunch of buttons lying around? Make a button belt!

buttons, button belt, belt, kids

All you need is a long piece of thick string, and of course buttons! Make sure you tie a loop (triple knot it to make sure it’s secure) at the end before you begin, which is large enough for the last button you use to fit through.

This is a fun project for kids and people of all ages!

Simple Skirt

It’s can be simple to make a skirt…


This skirt was made using two pieces of semi-transparent material folded together.

What you need
– Material
– Elastic band (material – not the kind you use for paper or your hair!)
– Safety pin
– Pins
– Scissors
– Sewing machine (not needed, but really recommended) or needle and thread
– Iron

How to do it
– Measure your hips
– Cut material into a piece as wide as your hips, plus extra for seam allowance. When you cut for length remember about seam allowance for there as well.
– Hem the bottom, then fold the top part over and pin in place. You need to make sure this part is wide enough to allow for the elastic band to fit through, then sew.
– Measure a piece of elastic band equal to your hips, then attach a safety pin to the elastic band and ‘fish’ it through. Pin it together and sew the two ends together in a X shape with a box going around it.
– Pin the skirt ends together, so the seam is on the inside, and sew together. Be careful when you get to the top part, so you don’t sew the elastic part.
– Wear your sexy simple skirt!

Armwarmers or Legwarmers

Did some clothing re-construction on a long sleeved shirt for summer time, and don’t want to waste the sleeves? Make some armwarmers!


If you have a pair of pants with a worn out crotch, or if the leg part fit but the waist is too small, you could also make some legwarmers!

What you need
* Elastic band. This is a long piece of material; not the kind used for your hair.
* Needle
* Thread
* Sewing pins
* Safety pin

How to do it
* Flip the sleeve or leg inside out
* Fold the material over once, leaving enough space for the elastic band to fit. Add a bit more material for sewing allowance.
* Secure in place with sewing pins
* Sew, but not all the way around! You need a hole big enough for the band
* Attach the safety pin to the end of the elastic band, and fish it through the hole and around to the other side
* Pin the two ends of the elastic band together, and see if it fits snugly around your leg or arm
* Sew the band together, and then sew the hole closed
* Flip right side out, and wear your new creation!

– UPcycling Phoenix