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Corset Sleeves

Corset sleeves are cute, and it’s a really simple clothing reconstruction technique.

shirt, corset sleeves, corset back, corset shirt

This shirt has corset sleeves as well as a corset back

You do the same thing as you would for making a corset shirt at the back or sides, but with the sleeves instead. It’s a nice way to upcycle a shirt which would become too small if you made it into a corset shirt, or if you want to do something super fast before rushing out to catch some rays (Don’t forget your sunscreen, or you might get some interesting tanlines!)

Heart Pillow

Pillows can come in all sorts of shapes. Why not make a heart pillow for your sweetheart?

heart pillow

All you need to do is make a pillow like normal but cut the fabric into a heart shape.

To make sure the heart is symmetrical, you may find it helpful to fold the material in half, pin it in place, and draw half the heart so the top and bottom part come to meet at the part you folded (not the end pieces!) Cut and then unfold, and you should have a nice looking heart. Use the piece you made as a template for the other side of the pillow, and then you’re ready to sew and get stuffing!

A face to lie your face on! The googly eyes are buttons.

A face to lie your face on! The googly eyes are buttons.

Pants to Skirt

Have a pair of pants with worn out knees or crotch, or have you grown taller but not wider? Make them into a skirt.

pants to skirt

What you need

* Pants
* Scissors
* Needle
* Thread
* Pins

How to do it

* Cut the legs, and with one line cut the crotch part so the pants become a tube like thing
* Cut the excess material so it looks like a line all the way around.
* Get some material from the leg, or some other material, and make a triangle. Fit it into the front part of the skirt, to give it a nicer fit.
* If you want, hem it. Personally I like the look of it unhemmed, and I often find there’s not enough material to hem it even if I wanted to.

– UPcycling Phoenix

Plastic Knife Garden

It may be late for most people, at least in the Northern Hemisphere, to be thinking about gardening; but here’s an idea you can use for fall and winter gardening, or for planning your spring garden for next year!

plastic knife, garden

Using plastic knifes to mark garden items is a good way to reuse cutlery from summer picnics or lunch takeouts.

All you need for your plastic knife garden is a permanent marker to write with, and some cutlery. Knives work best, but you might be able to experiment with forks or spoons as well, or leftover popsicle sticks. Have you used other items to mark your garden with? Let us know!


Water Bottle Raft

Summer may be half way over, but there’s still lots of time for fun on the water.

Lots of people use water bottles, even if they feel guilty about the environmental waste. A water bottle raft is a creative way to upcycle, reduce and reuse instead of recycle!

This is a fun project for kids at the cottage with their family, or big kids on break from school with their frat or sorority.

water bottle raft, upcycle

Here’s how to make your own water bottle raft.