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Milk Jug Igloo

Check out what these school kids did.

milk jug, igloo, school, kids

They made an igloo out of milk jugs. What an awesome way to teach others about the environment while reusing items that otherwise would be recycled!

This could be a summer project (easier than making a treehouse, and also more accessible) or something for homeschoolers to complete while their traditionally schooled friends are “free” for the summer.

Pencil Crayon Necklace

Do you have a bunch of pencil crayons that are too short to use? Don’t want to throw them out but don’t know what to do with them?

Make a pencil crayon necklace!

pencil crayon necklace

What you need
– Pencil crayons
– Drill
– String

How to do it
Carefully drill a hole through the pencil crayons
– String them onto the string
– Wrap a knot, and wear!

Watermelon Bowl

This might not be completely edible, but a watermelon bowl is a creative way to use the part you can’t eat – and it saves you from washing a bowl! When the fruit is done, cut the melon and eat the rest, then put it in the compost… Yum and done!

watermelon bowl

Bleach Design / T-shirt Art

Dropped some bleach onto your shirt? Don’t freak out – Make a big bleach design! This is super simple T-shirt art.

What you need
– Bleach and shirt
– Spray bottle
– Scissors or utility blade
– Thin construction paper (like from a cereal box)

How to do it
– Fill the spray bottle with bleach. If it’s a bottle that has been used for something else make sure to clean it well! This is very important because lots of cleaners use ammonia, which is toxic when mixed with bleach.
– Cut out the design or letters you want. Remember – where the cardboard is, the shirt will stay the same colour.
– Place a piece of cardboard inside the shirt, so the bleach won’t bleed through to the other side.
– Put your design down, and spray!

New Button Designer Software for DIY Button Makers

I found a very cool online button designer software.  It’s completely free and you can go on there and upload an image, add text, change font or colours and you can create button artwork with no difficulty or learning curve whatsoever.

I designed this button on

button artwork created with button-designer

Celestial Button designs and artwork made with free online Button Designer


Gumball Necklace

Simple and sweet! Perfect for everything from kids parties to Pride or raves… This brings a new meaning to “candy” 😉

What you need
– Gumballs
– Thick sewing pin
– String or thick thread

How to do it
– Thread the sewing pin
– Poke the gumball with the sewing pin

Be careful and slow when you’re doing this. The second step is better for bigger hands! If little kids are making the necklace, pre-poke the holes for them, like this:

candy, gumball necklace