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Bleached Nature T-shirt

Bring part of the cottage or beach everywhere you go, with a bleached nature t-shirt.

bleach, t-shirt, stencil, nature, leaf

What you need
– Leaves
– Shirt
– Bleach
– Spray bottle
– Table or other flat surface
– Something heavy, like a book

How to do it
– Find some leaves on a nature hike
– Place the shirt on a table and put a sheet of paper inbetween the front and back (so the bleach won’t bleed through)
– Spray the leaf with some bleach on the more textured side
– Press down on the t-shirt
– Place a book ontop and let it sit for a while
– Rinse off the shirt before you try it on

Sticky Art

Do you have a bunch of Post-it notes you have no need for? Make some sticky art!

Sticky notes, Post-it notes 3d art

3D art doesn’t need to be difficult!

All you need
– Sticky notes
– A surface to stick them onto
– Scissors
– Imagination!

Jelly Worms

Fun food with homemade jelly worms!

jelly worms, food, jello

What you need
– Jello
– Bendy straws
– Elastic band
– Cup

How to do it
– Prepare the Jello, but don’t put it in the fridge.
– Get a bunch of straws (bendy kind are the best, since the bendable part gives it the appearance of a worm) secure them together with an elastic, and put into a cup
– After the Jello has stopped steaming, pour into the straws (Don’t worry about spillage into the cup)
– Put into the fridge until solid
– Eat some worms!

Car Garden

car, garden

This isn’t the only non-traditional planter. In Toronto there is a car garden in Kensington Market.

kensington market, car garden, toronto

Does your community have a car garden? Making a car garden is a great project. You can learn more about how to create a car garden for your classroom, school, homeschool, church group, scout group or other community group here.

Plastic Jug Birdfeeder

Bring some birds to your backyard or local park with an upcycled plastic jug birdfeeder.

milk jug, plastic jug, birdfeeder, backyard

What you need
– Milk jug, or some other plastic jug
– Utility blade
– Duct tape
– String
– Screwdriver
– A tree or structure to hang the birdfeeder from
– Birdseed

How to do it
– Cut holes in the jug using the utility blade
– Place duct tape around the cut marks you made (sharp edges may hurt the birds)
– Using the screwdriver, make a hole in the lid
– Make a large knot and thread through the lid, so the knot is on the inside of the jug
– Fill with birdseed and hang up your plastic jug birdfeeder

The birdfeeder in the image has sticks, which while not necessary, can help birds stand and eat more easily. If you want to add them, use a screwdriver to drill some holes and stick the sticks through.

Peekaboo Sleeves

Peekaboo sleeves are a simple way to upcycle a shirt or sweater.

peekaboo sleeve, clothing reconstruction, upcycle

Clothing reconstruction can be cute!

What you need
– Top
– Scissors
– Needle and thread, or sewing machine
– Sewing pins
– Fabric or lace (or even a shoelace, depending on what look you like)

How to do it
– Cut a line from the top, and part way down the shoulder. Put on the top and see how it fits. If the material doesn’t open to create a large enough hole, cut it out in a slight V shape and try it on again.
– Hem the part you cut
– Create a tiny hole on either side of the shirt
– Place the material through and tie into a bow. Beautiful!

If you’re using random fabric to tie the sleeve, you might want to hem that as well. A good way to do this without showing any end bits is to flip the material inside out, sew (leaving a small hole at the start), flip right side out and sew up the rest. If this sounds confusing, check out the instructions on how to make a pillow.

Angel Wings Tshirt

Cute clothing reconstruction – Angel wings t shirt!

angel wings, t shirt, clothing reconstruction

What you need
– T shirt
– Fabric chalk
– Scissors
– (Optional) Image of wings to help you draw the design

How to do it
– Draw the outline of the wings using fabric chalk
– Cut some small holes into the t shirt, making sure not to let the holes go beyond the lines. Make the first holes around the edges, and move inwards. Smaller is better! You can always make the hole bigger, but you can’t make it smaller.

You can experiment with different styles of angel wings… or if that isn’t your style, you could try making a devil wing t shirt!