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Canada Day Art

Get your kids involved in Canada Day celebrations with some Canada Day art!

canada day art

What you need
– Coat hanger
– Toilet paper rolls
– Scissors
– Red paint (or blue, if you’re a Maple Leafs fan)
– Paint brush
– Pencil
– Red construction paper

How to do it
– Cut each paper roll half way, to make slots to slide into the coat hanger
– Paint some of the toilet paper rolls, or paint all of them partially. It’s up to the artist (= you!)
– While they are drying, draw maple leafs on red paper and cut them out
– Bend the coat hanger into a round shape
– Slide the rolls into the coat hanger
– Glue on the maple leafs
– Hang it up!

Bracelets and Necklaces

If something has a hole in it, you might be able to use it to make a bracelet or necklace!

hama bead bracelet
These were made using Hama beads, which are plastic pieces that are meant to be placed on a peg board and then ironed together to make a design.

This was made from a piece off of a board that teaches kids their letters and numbers, along with traditional wooden beads.

Have you made bracelets and necklaces from things not intended to be jewellery beads?

Kool Aid Hair Dye

Summer time is the perfect time to dye your hair! Here’s how to do it upcycled style…

What you need
– Kool Aid (unsweetened kind!)
– Conditioner
– Bowl
– Hair dye comb (optional but really recommended) or toothbrush
– Plastic wrap
– Vaseline

How to do it
– Put the Kool Aid into a bowl and add some conditioner. You want it to be like a paste.
– Put Vaseline around your ears, neck, forehead and other areas where the hair might touch your skin. This stops the dye from staining.
– Put it in your hair!
– Wrap your hair up with plastic wrap.
– Wait till morning time, then rinse with cool water

kool aid hair dye

Kool Aid hair dye will work best on hair that’s bleached, but if you use a dark colour like red you can get a nice tint even on natural hair.

Keyhole Shirt

A keyhole shirt is easy to make, and it’s nice and breezy for the summer weather. In colder weather you can put a different coloured shirt underneath. Very versatile!

catladypress, keybole shirt

Made by Catladypress

What you need
– Shirt
– Fabric chalk
– Scissors
– Pins
– Iron (optional)
– Needle and Thread

How to do it

– Draw the oval or line with the fabric chalk. A line will create a slight oval once hemmed, and an oval will create a larger hole. If you’re making a teardrop shape below the collar, make sure its slightly lower than where you want it to be when done, since hemming it will make the hole go higher.

– Cut the hole in the fabric. Less is more! If it’s not big enough, you can cut more.

– Turn the shirt inside out, fold a hem (facing the inside of the shirt) and pin in place. If you have an iron, help set the fabric in place before sewing the hem.

– When you’re finished, remove the pins and flip the shirt right side out, and put it on!