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Edible Chocolate Bowl

Do you still have leftover Easter chocolate lying around? Do you have balloons left over from a birthday or graduation party? Make an edible chocolate bowl with your spring chocolate to go with some summer ice cream!

edible chocolate bowl

What you need
– Oven
– 2 pots (one smaller than the other)
– Spoon
– Fork, knife, or other sharp object
– Pan
– Waxed paper
– Balloons
– Chocolate
– Water
– Ice cream

How to do it
– Boil water in a pot, put chunks of chocolate in the smaller pot, and carefully place inside the pot with water. Make sure the water doesn’t spill over! If you need to, pour some out.
– Stir chocolate with spoon until melted, remove from element, and let cool
– While you’re waiting for the chocolate to cool, blow up some balloons
– Put waxed paper on pan, scoop a small spoonful of chocolate and make a dot on the paper
– Dip the balloons into the chocolate and place on the chocolate dot
– Let the chocolate harden (you might need to place it in a fridge)
– Poke the balloon until it goes “pop”
– You should be left with an edible chocolate bowl, ready to fill with ice cream or other summer treat. Experiment with different kinds of chocolate and fillings, like strawberries in a white chocolate bowl.


Play with some playdough!

What you need
– 1 cup flour
– 1 cup warm water
– 1/2 cup salt
– 1 tablespoon vegetable oil
– (optional) food colouring
– stovetop
– pot (an old one is best!)
– Hummus, yogurt or other containers
– (optional) Cookie cutters

How to do it
– Mix all the dry ingredients together, then add the water
– Stir over low heat until it looks like mashed potatoes. If it’s too sticky, cook it a bit longer
– Wait until it’s cool enough to touch, and add food colouring
– Use the cookie cutters to make interesting shapes
– Put the playdough in containers to keep it soft, so you can play with it again

This person added googly eyes to their playdough! Creative use of random items around the house.

Someone added googly eyes to their playdough! Creative use of random items around the house.

Cookie Body Scrub

Cookies aren’t just for your mouth and stomach! Make some cookie body scrub…

What you need
– 1 cup oatmeal
– 2 tablespoons of brown sugar and 4 tablespoons of white sugar
– 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda
– Blender
– A bit of olive oil
– Bowl
– Mason jar or container

How to do it
– Blend oats until they’re powdery
– Put into a bowl, along with other dry ingredients
– Add a tiny amount of olive oil. You want the mix to be mostly dry, but slightly stuck together.
– Put into a container. Something glass like a mason jar works best.

Perfect Parfait

Have some spring sweetness in an old mason jar or other clear glass.

Parfait, fruit, healthy, yummy, kids

Make it the night before and have a quick and yummy and healthy breakfast (amazing combination!) before your kids go to school or camp, or you go to the gym or work.

If you dumpster dive and find some fruit that’s firm enough to eat without turning into a smoothie, this is a great way to have it. It’s also a good way to use up bits of different fruits when there’s not enough to make a whole pie.


No Sew Lace Shorts

Do you want something breezy and feminine for summer, but don’t know how to sew? Or do you need something new to wear for a trip to the beach tomorrow but you don’t have time to sew something? Make some no sew lace shorts!

What you need
– Scissors
– Glue gun
– Lace

How to do it
– Cut the pant legs off
– Turn the shorts inside out
– Using the glue gun, affix the lace to the edge. You want enough lace on the fabric so it holds secure, but enough to be visible when you’re wearing them
– Let it dry overnight, or at least for a few hours
– If there is excess lace on the inside of the shorts, cut it off
– Put the pants right side out and put it on!

lace jeans

This person made lace jeans by putting the lace on the pocket instead. Get creative with your positioning and technique!

You could also try doing the lace hem technique with jeans converted into a skirt, but that would require a bit of sewing!

CD Spindle – Lunch Container

Don’t have anything to carry your lunch in? If you’re like me, you’ve resorted to wrapping a sandwich in a plastic grocery bag (they do have more uses than just carrying your food home, or collecting trash to carry to the curb!)

lunch container

All you need is a CD spindle and a bagel!

Do you know of another use for a CD spindle?

Stick Magnets

When I was visiting the Biodome in Montreal I saw some stick magnets. It sounds like a cool project for kids, and after they are done they can attach drawings they make on the fridge with a magnet they made too!

What you need
* Twigs
* Tiny round magnets
* Glue gun

How to do it
* Find some sticks! Make sure they are thick enough to cover the magnet, but not too large so that the magnet won’t be able to hold their weight.
* Get a grown up to use the glue gun to attach the magnets to the twigs.
* While it’s cooling and drying, make a picture.
* Hang the picture to the fridge using the stick magnets!

stick magnet

This person attached the magnets to the side of the sticks. The ones I saw at the Biodome gift shop were attached at the ends, which might accidentally poke small people trying to get some snacks. I like this way of doing it, and you can attach a second magnet if you find one isn’t enough to hold up a drawing or report card.