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Upcycled Clothing

I can’t remember the last time I purchased clothes. The last time I bought a pair of boots was a
few years ago, when my other pair of army boots became completely worn out; and of course a friend found a nice pair of furry platform boots in my size soon after I paid for footwear.

It’s fun to find clothing and make it your own (Stay tuned for future clothing reconstruction entries!) You can be certain that you are going to be the only person wearing it. No more conversations like this:

“You seen [so and so]”
“Sorry; don’t know them”
“They wearing black pants, like yours, and a fishnet top… Like yours, but with a bra”
*awkward laugh*
“You cold?”


If you don’t have any experience with sewing or cutting stuff that’s not paper, having a shirt that’s not something you’ve spent money on can help reduce stress. When you realize how much clothing you can find for free – sometimes even with the tags still on them – you might not buy any clothing except underwear ever again.

If you take clothing from the side of the street, wash in hot water and put it through the dryer. I would recommend doing the same for stuff you grab from a church basement or your local drop-in centre. If you would rather leave those items for other people who have less money capital than yourself, Freecycle is an awesome resource, and they have groups in lots of different neighbourhoods all across Canada.

The recent bedbug explosion in large Canadian cities, especially Toronto, has made many people wary of upcycling; but there’s no reason to not reduce your footprint and help save the planet as well as your bank account, so long as you are mindful of hygiene. It’s also a great way to obtain items you like but would feel bad about buying or be unable to afford. I’ve found name brand sweatshop produced items that were barely worn – sew a patch over the logo, replace the buttons emblazoned with the brand, and you have a simple custom shirt. DIY Clothing at its easiest!

Do you have an awesome story about upcycling something? Do share, and we might share it on our site!

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