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Upcycled Books

Upcycled press books

Thanks for taking a look at our recycled books.

Schools, libraries, and in fact all of us, produce a huge number of hard and softcover books, most of which end up in landfill. A major issue with books is that plastic jackets and hardcovers, as well as the glue and binding, are unsuitable for recycling.

Upcycled Press is taking old books and recycling them to produce agendas, notebooks, and sketch pads. Each book is handmade and we try to retain the character of each book according to the designer and the original book. Each book is an original - no two books are the same! The remains of the books are recycled properly with only the spine going to the landfill.

PAPER: We add a choice of papers to the books: 100% post-consumer waste paper is very common but we also have various TREE-FREE types of paper such as coffee paper, lemon paper, mango and banana paper. None of these papers use the tree itself, but only harvested tree waste.

COIL: We searched around and found a Canadian-made ENVIROKOIL that uses reconstituted plastic.

INK: Any ink we use is solid vegetable ink or soy ink.

We have gone out of our way to find ways to make these cool and interesting, but also to ensure they leave a minimum environmental footprint. Should you have any ideas on how we can improve our product please let us know.

Suggested retail selling prices for books:

Sketch Pads


Plastikoil Bound with Calendar etc.

8" x 10" or larger





Plastikoil Bound with Calendar etc.

Less than 8" x 10"



Simple Notebooks


Metal coil bound with no inserts.

Any Size



Special Trade Pricing:

40% Trade discount.
50% discount on order over $2500.
Free shipping on orders $1000+