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The acceptance of recycling in modern society is not in itself negative, but it is not the answer to our woes as many would have us believe. Many people actually believe that it is ok to use a plastic water bottle because of that friendly recycling label. We are probably all guilty of easing our conscience on the backs of the corporate green-washing that has done little more than use a lot more green ink in their packaging. Still today, cities and municipalities are not geared up to recycle a lot of what we put in the recycling bin and much of it is trucked to the landfill. Then we have pages and pages of "scientists" on the internet arguing that landfills are great and that there is no risk of contamination, that we should put everything into landfills and stop recycling. That is certainly not our argument.!

Recycling - A Last Resort

We do not believe that recycling is anything more than a temporary solution to our waste problem. But we do believe that there is a waste problem and the more we REDUCE, RE-USE, REPURPOSE the less we have to recycle. The emphasis must be on reduction of waste and reusing or repurposing. Recycling is a last resort - landfill and/or garbage incineration are short term solutions, driven by profit, leading to long term problems.

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From our friends in Germany!

Papier hat als Medium eine recht kurze Halbwertzeit - notiert, erledigt, Mülleimer!
Ein Geschenk ist fix ausgepackt und der Joghurtbecher aus Plastik wandert in die Tonne.
Und dann? Urban Mining und Recycling-Sound ermöglichen gebrauchten Rohstoffen eine Wiedergeburt mit Mehrwert. Vom Aktenordner zur Designer-Handtasche, von der PET-Flasche zum Musikinstrument. Was für ein Aufstieg - oder in der Fachsprache: Upcycling!